Bruce J Carter

Just For Me

Memories still haunt me even today
Visions and thoughts that never go away
Desperately needing to disappear from here
And eight hundred miles of nothing but tears.

Memories of two small faces with hands
Waving like water rushing over the sand
Running and running until I can no longer see
Very sadly leaving them so far behind me.

At 6 and 3 mostly too young to know
Why I really needed to leave, to go
Away to recover and slowly to heal
Wanting and needing to no longer feel.

At 7 and 4 they stayed with me for a while
Playing in the pool and making me smile
One and half years I stayed to recover
They became strong relying on each other.

Now they are the ones no longer here,
One of them far and one of them still near,
Fending for themselves, making me proud,
And I no longer live under my dark cloud.

To A Special Friend

Sitting motionless on the stone
With self and God to see alone
Hands clasped tight, locked in prayer
Mind and spirit drift from there.

Like sands of time and winds of change
As life and love flow out of range
It takes a special friend to make one see
That this is not the end of life's journey.

Into the dark, dim world of my despair
You entered, although you knew not where.
A simple phone call, a warming smile,
Your own troubles cast aside for a while.

I know not, what life has in store
As I slowly pull myself to shore
But remember always, that I am there
When you too need a friend to care.

Life in a Dream

In sleep, in dreams,
I wonder it seems,
How life could change,
It should feel strange.

Yet, so natural it does feel.
At times, I wonder is it real?
To care again for one so much,
When I swore to refrain from such.

A kiss with passion, yet still tender.
A first,again, that will be remembered.
A warm embrace that lasts so long.
To break away, it feels so wrong.

She makes me laugh each time we talk.
Even when she describes her rock.
I told her once that poetry is inspired.
But it fills my head even when tired.

Friends Like You Two

Friends like you two
Can go away,
But in our hearts
You'll always stay.

We cherish every
Moment spent
And all the good times
That came and went.

We wish you well
As you journey far
Until we meet again
Perhaps in some Taiwan bar.

We know we will
See you again one day,
But until that time
We will always pray

For your continued success
And your happiness
In work, in life
And under all duress.

Just please remember
To e-mail, write or phone
And we will always be here
For you to call this home.

I Can Only Think Of You

Trembling, cold, wet, standing beneath a lone tree
As the deer seemingly glide out of sight
The sky a miserable grey hue
And I can only think of you.

Back to the fire, seated upon the warm stone hearth
As the flames slowly seep into my body
There is space for more than two
And I can only think of you.

Dinner's pleasant aromas lead us to the dining room
As the snow blows gently across the yard
The window gives a panoramic view
And I can only think of you.

Driving home on snow covered roads, through the cold
As distant lights twinkle in the night air
Of other cars, there are very few
And I can only think of you.

Curled up feline gently nudging to disturb my dreams
As she purrs her way beneath my arms
Under feathers in shades of blue
And I can only think of you.

Quiet, lonely, sitting in my usual chair, I write
As I gaze out over the now dark hills
And I realize that it is true
I can only think of you.

We Walked Together

Such a pleasant walk with you this morning,
I stood on ice; no, it was not quite storming.
You wandered along the ocean, many miles away,
Even so, we could still talk and pretend to play.

You looked for sea shells for me in the sand.
I stood shivering, and held your hand.
You soaked up the sun and the clear blue sky.
I was a big boy, and promised not to cry.

You happened across a poor dead bird.
At least, I think, that is what I heard.
And then a fisherman casting out his line,
As I looked upward with no hint of sunshine.

We walked together, although far apart.
But it was still a wonderful way to start
Yet another day, without you here.
I really miss you, my dear!